Sunday, December 10, 2017

New England Short Course Meters Championships

We won. CONN masters 1st place out of all the teams. I scored 119 points and swam the 200 Butterfly!

And I was sick, too, coughing up green phlegm.  Still, I accomplished what I set out to do.  Score as many points as possible.


1500 Free  29:08.94
50 Back              50.87
 100 Back    1:56.57
  200 Back   4:03.45
50 Breast     46.22
100 Breast   1:45.12
 200 Breast   4:18.16
50 Fly              45.86
 100 Fly           1:57.15
200 Fly           4:31.40
200 IM            3:46.44
400 IM           8:40.27

I was tired.

I had the 22nd highest overall point total for men and 4th in my age group.  Why, Because I swam 12 events.

Most proud of the 200 fly.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hartford Masters Winter Classic- Nov 12, 2017

Short Meet, 3 events and one relay.

50 Yard Freestyle 28.97
(Finally, my 2nd best in 23 swims
, after having several
bad races in the 50.)        

100 Yard Backstroke Finals    1:32.23 
(My best time by nine seconds on 3rd try).     

100 Yard Individual Medley Finals     1:24.97
  (Not bad for being tired.)       

Saturday, October 28, 2017

9th Annual UVAC Leaf Peepers Masters SCM Meet- October 28, 2017

Five events - Slower in all.

25 Meter Freestyle     15.25        

50 Meter Freestyle 34.79
 (Horrible missed turn)       

25 Meter Backstroke     20.72        

25 Meter Breaststroke 19.56        

400 Meter Individual Medley 8:18.49        

Saturday, September 02, 2017


Swam the 1.5 Mile in 47.33, coming in 65 out of 121.  I was happy

Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017 CT Long Course Masters Championship Aug 26-27, 2017

Swam 6 events over two days.

400 Meter Freestyle       7:19.93
   (last event of second day     
800 Meter Freestyle (split)    16:04.43        

1500 Meter Freestyle        30:05.03
  (slower than last year)       

50 Meter Breaststroke      45.17
   (My best in limited LCM Breasts)     

200 Meter Breaststroke  4:07.37        

200 Meter Individual Medley     4:07.97        

400 Meter Individual Medley      8:35.14 
 (I was proud of finishing this one.)      

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Nutmeg State Games Masters' Swim Meet Aug 5, 2017

Swam six events

400 Yard Individual Medley     7:20.35
  (first event, my best time)  

50 Yard Freestyle 30.79
   (worst since my first time).     

200 Yard Freestyle 2:53.38 
  (very slow, had no one to pace me).     
50 Yard Breaststroke  40.28  
100 Yard Individual Medley  1:28.55
  (last event, was tired)      

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Connecticut Masters Games May 21, 2017

Swam 5 events.  Not too happy with results.

Men's Results

50 Yard Freestyle    30.22
   (one of worst times ever).     
100 Yard Freestyle  1:14.21 
  (last event-I was tired)  
200 Yard Backstroke 3:49.71        
200 Yard Breaststroke 3:35.33        
100 Yard Butterfly  1:43.78        

Saturday, April 22, 2017

SCM Top Ten Relay

Made two national top ten relays for 2016:

2016 Short Course Meters

 Place  Event  Name  Age  Club  LMSC  Time 
 9  M200-239 400 Medley  Peter Canning  58  CONN  Connecticut  5:20.50 
 7  M240-279 200 Free  Peter Canning  58  CONN  Connecticut  2:12.56

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trinity Spring Tuneup Meet April 9, 2017

50 Free - 29.64
Disappointing.  I am worried I am getting old.

On the other hand, i was sick and have been getting over bronchitis

100 IM  1.24.38
best time in a couple years

200 Free Relay
Swam a leg just for fun.

Friday, March 17, 2017

NE SCY at Harvard March 17,2017

Went to Harvard again.  One of these years I am going to go for more than one day.

50 back  40.08
PR and six seconds better than Westport, thanks to abandoning the underwater start.

200 IM 3.16.62
PR by 4 seconds

100 Breast  1.28.68
Another PR

50 Free Split from Relay   29.11
Best this year, but still not a PR.  Was last race of the day for me.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Snag Holmes 3-11-17

Did the Snag Holmes meet again in Jupiter.

50 Breast  38:14  
best time to date

50 Free  29.36
Same old same old

100 Back  1:41:35
best time, which isn't saying too much as it was only the second time I swam it.

100 IM  1.25.57
Mediocre.  I hit my head on the backstoke and lost some time there.

400 IM  7:41:53
Had to swim this almost immediately after the 50 Free so the 6 second slower than last year is acceptable.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

GroundHog Meet 2-5-2017

Swam three events.

50 Free  29.31
What can I say about the 50 free.  if you don't hit everything perfectly, you are disappointed.

50 Back.  46.71
This was a true disaster.  I have been practicing a long underwater start.  Well, I went nearly 3/4 of the way and by the time I came up, everyone was already on their way back.  Also, got a ton of water in my mouth.

200 IM 3.20.42

This was fun.  beat my old time by 20 seconds, which isn't saying too much as last time I just lolly gagged.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

400 Kick for Time

Did the 400 kick for Time before masters practice.

No Fins or snorkel
Must Use Kickboard.

I did the first 125 freestyle kick, then swithced to breast stroke.  All told did half and half.

My time was 11:20:91 which will no doubt be the slowest recorded, but is an excellent starting point for improvement.

Swimming Goals 2017

My biggest goals

1. Set PR in 50 Free
2. Improve my 100 Free
3. Complete the Checkoff Challenge

Other Goals
4. Score More points at NESM Championships than last year
5. Do a 3 Mile Open Water Swim
6. Incorporate Dry Land Training
7. Improve Kick

Here's a list of challenges I put on CONN Masters website:

  1. Pick Three Events and Go for PRs
  2. See How Many Events in World Championships/or US Championships you can Qualify for.*
  3. Do the Checkoff Challenge where you get a time in every event (can be done at meet or in practice with timer) plus one open water event
  4. Swim in a Regional/or National Championship
  5. Enter One Hour Postal Championship
  6. Enter One mile Postal Championship
  7. Enter 400 Kick for Time Postal Event
  8. Swim 100X100
  9. Swim an Open Water Event
  10. Swim an Open Water Event Outside Connecticut
  11. Do a Swim (or More) for a Charitable Cause
  12. Swim on a Top Ten Relay**
  13. Swim a 200/or 400 IM
  14. Swim a new event and get a starting PR!
  15. Join CONN Masters in Sarasota, FL for the 2017 YMCA Championships in May
  16. Join CONN Masters at the 2017 NESCM Championships in Worcester, MA in December

2016 Swim Accomplishments

My accomplishments for the year:

1. Swam a 28.69 in 50 Free Short Course Yards and a 32,15 in Long Course Meters both PRs.
2. Swam a come from behind 31.43 anchor leg of the 200 Men's 240-279 Freestyle Relay at New England Short Course Meets Championships to win event.
3. Scored 78 individual and 32 relay points (34, 34, 30 and 30) at NESCM Championships
4. Set PRs in 50 and 100 Breast,  50 and 200 Free, 50 Fly and 200 IM
5. Swam 400 IM
6. Swam many new events such as 200 Back, 200 Breast, and 100 Fly
7. Swam a 3 Mile Open Water
8. Swam a 100 X 100
9.  Made my first National Top Ten relay in 400 LCM free relay.

Here was my list of goals set last year"

1. PR in every event at some point in year
Most importantly the 50 and 100 Free.
2nd tier (50 Breast, 200 Free, 100 Breast)
2. Swim lots of open water events, including new events.
3. Swim new events (Checkoff Challenge).

My biggest failure remains my declining 100 Free performance

Sunday, December 11, 2016

NESCM Championships - Worcester - December 10-11, 2016

I scored 78 individual points for the team in the New England Short Course Meters Championships in Worcester. ( and accounted for 32 Relay points).  I was able to do so by swimming events in which I may not have been particularly strong, but in which their were few competitors.  That was all part of my plan to help the team.  We just barely missed winning the medium team category, but went up two spaces from last year.  This is a great fun even because it is so team oriented.

I swam in 10 events, plus four relays, including two relays in which my team won first place.

Here is the rundown.

 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  50 Free  H6 / L8  32.38  13 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  100 Free  H3 / L5  1:20.42  19 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  100 Back  H1 / L6  1:53.88  9 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  200 Back  H2 / L9  4:07.63  8 

 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  50 Breast  H3 / L7  44.02  10 

 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  100 Breast  H2 / L4  1:41.71  9 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  200 Breast  H1 / L6  4:00.06  7 

 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  100 Fly  H2 / L1  2:00.46  5 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  200 IM  H2 / L2  3:49.22  10 
 Peter Canning  2016-12-09 (20161209WPINEWS 58  CONN  400 IM  H1 / L5  8:13.79  4 

On Day One, I swam the 200 Free Relay.  I did a 32.01 in the lead spot, but did not get credited with the time in my official record because I didn't fill out the form before the race.

Later I swam the 50 Free in 32,38, which included a missed turn.

My best race was the anchor in the Men's 240-279 200 Medley relay.  We were behind when I went off the blocks, but I chased the other swimmer down to give us 1st place.  My split was 31.43.

The other two relays I swam were the 400's, in which my splits were 1.19.68 and 1.28.58 -- the last time was the last event and I was gassed and we were just looking for points at that point.

My best swims

1. 31.43 50 Free 200 free relay anchor (NE Champion)
2.  32.10 50 Free lead off in 200 Free Relay (NE Champion)
3.  400 IM - Just swimming it. (4th Place-13 points)

I swam the 100 Fly and the 200 back for the first time.

Looking forward to next year.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hartford Masters Winter Classic November 13, 2016

Nice local meet, but we could only swim three events, which was about as many as you would want to because it was such a short meet.

Men 55-59 50 Yard Freestyle  29.14        

Men 55-59 50 Yard Butterfly 43.20        

Men 55-59 100 Yard Individual Medley  1:25.35        
                41.97     1:25.35(43.38)

My freestyle was one of my faster times.

My butterfly was horrendous.

The IM was the best I had done for awhile

Saturday, October 22, 2016

8th Annual UVAC Leaf Peepers Masters SCM Meet 10-22-2016

I finally got to the Lead Peepers Meet in White River Junction, Vermont after years of wanting to go.  great meet.  I swam 5 events - 3 25s and 2-50s.

This is one of the few events that offers 25s.  The only problem is I had to swim the 25 Breast back to back with the 25 Free.  I feel like my legs were still weak for the free and I also didn't get going strong enough from the beginning.

Here were all my times:

Men 55-59 25 Meter Freestyle  14.77        

Men 55-59 50 Meter Freestyle  32.22        

Men 55-59 25 Meter Breaststroke 19.33        

Men 55-59 50 Meter Breaststroke  44.96        

Men 55-59 25 Meter Butterfly  18.63  

 Both my 50 Free and 50 Breast were a bit off my best.      

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Top Ten Relay

I made my first national top ten Relay based on a relay I was in the CONN LCM Championships.

400 Freestyle Relay LCM Mixed 160-199 (2016)

 7  CONN  Connecticut  Peter Canning (58)
 Ally Sega (43)
 Ethan E Cooke (23)
 Galen D Rinaldi (48) 


Saturday, September 03, 2016

Swimming Goals

My Goals for the rest of the Year

I have reached my main goal for the year of swimming my fastest 50 ever.

Here is what I would like to accomplish in the remaining months of 2016.

Complete Checkoff Challenge

Must swim

800 Free
400 Free
200 Fly
200 Back

Fast Times

Get best ever for
100 Free
100 IM
50 Back

Fast Times SCM
Get fastest 50 SCM free time
Get fastest 50 SCM breast
Fastest any any other event I have swum before

At Worcester Score a ton of points

Checkoff Workout

Went to the pool today and tried the checkoff challenge.  Here's how it went.

500 Free      9.14
100 Back     2.15
100 Fly        1.45
100 Breast    1.53
50 Back          .59
50 Fly           .49
100 Free      1.28
100 IM        1.50
50 Breast      .52
50 Free         .40
200 IM        3.50

This was done in 40.08 actual time, 25.58 swim time  1400 Yards

I then did

200 Back   4.12
200 Breast  4.25
200 Free    3.20
400 IM      8.40

Actual time  1.11.14  swim time 51.2 swim time  2400 Yards

Add 1000 Free and 200 Fly   and it is 3600 Yards

Add 1650 and it is 5250 yards

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Connecticut Long Course Championships August 27-28

Swam the two day Ctr LCM Championships at Wesleyan.

Day One-

First Event was the 50 free, which I did in my fastest time ever at 32.15, which converts to a 28.24 in the SCY.

Then I swam the 200 Breast, but doing the first 50 as a sprint.  I got a time of 45.34, my best LCM time, but I felt I could have gone faster.  I just took it easy the rest of the way and had a very slow time.

I then swam in the 400 medley, going the 100 Free leg. I didn't get the split, but felt I went very fast.  Didn't go out to fast and finished strongly.  Unfortunately we were disqualified on the 2nd leg and won't get a national top ten, which we would have with our time.

Last, I swam the 1500, not going particularly fast.  i came in at 28.13, which beat 30 which was my goal, but was slower than some of the people I swim with at Cornerstone.

Day 2

Next day I only swam two events.  the 100 Free, which I did in 1.21.69, my best time in a year, but I was a bit tired from the previous day, and felt I could have gone faster.

Last I swam a 100 leg in the 400 free Relay.  No great shakes.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Connecticut Nutmeg Games 8-6-2016

Swam the 100 free in 1:10:84, which while slower than my first year, was the best time I have done this year.

Then I swam the 50 back in 42.59. I was doing okay, but got entangled in the ropes on my turn.

My best event was the 50 Breast, which I did in 38.27, my best ever time. I hit the turn and the finish at full extension.

The 50 Free was a little disappointing at 29.42.

The 100 IM I was still gassed from the 50 free, and did 1.28.23.

I did win 5 gold medals as I was the only one in my age group who swam.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wilton Summer Sizzler 7-10-2016

Swam in the Summer Sizzler Long Course at Wilton.

Started off the meet with the Men's 400 free Relay. We were going for a national top ten.  We came in at 6.08.25

 Men 240-279 400 Meter Freestyle Relay 1 CONN 'A' M240-279 CONN 6:08.25 1) Smally, Alan J (M67) 2) Epstein, Paul M (M70) 3) Canning, Peter (M58) 4) Spear, Rick (M65)

 I didn't get a split but I am guessing I went somewhere around 1.20-1.23. Again, I went out way too fast.

Then I swam the 50 and was a little disappointed with 32.96. I got tired at the end and fishtailed.

The 50 Breast was also a little disappointing as I came in 45.98, my best time at long course, but I felt I could go faster.

Last event was the 800 Free relay. Again no split, but I felt I swam well and we should be a lock for a national top ten with our 14.08.78 time.  We'll find out in December.

 Men 240-279 800 Meter Freestyle Relay 1 CONN 'A' M240-279 CONN 14:08.78 1) Spear, Rick (M65) 2) Epstein, Paul M (M70) 3) Canning, Peter (M58) 4) Smally, Alan J (M67)

There wasn't a lot of people at the meet and it went very quickly.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Mystic Sharkfest 7-9-2016

Swam the Mystic Sharkfest.  Due to weather/safety concerns, they shortened the course to 1000 meters from 1500.

Initial results had no time for me.  I am hoping because they had a bunch of errors, i will have a time in the amended results due later.  Since it was time trial style, I don't know what my time was, and will be bumped if I don't get a time.

Here are some photos:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lake Terramuggus 3 Mile Swim

Swam the 3 mile race at Lake T in 1:27:25.9.
 Wore the wet suit and just cruised.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

CT Masters Games 5-15-2016

Connecticut Masters Games - I decided not to swim the 50 Free because this meet is the last yards meet of the year so I wanted to focus on improving times in other events.

I swan and 100 Breast, and scorched it with a 1.,29.33, which qualified me for Montreal Worlds in 2014, which I know is past, but now I have qualified in 5 events.  This was the one I trained for, knowing I would be at top energy.  I took 5 seconds off my previous best time.

Then I swam the 200 IM, which I last swam 2 years ago recreationally.  I put more effort into it and took my time down by 20 seconds.  I did a 3:20:57.

Then I swam the 100 IM, and missed a PR, but improved on the last time I swam it.  I was a little disappointing, but my legs were tired.  My time was 125.18 with a split of 42.44.  I have to get faster in the first part.  i think i am not swimming the back hard enough.

last I swam the 100 Free, and was disappointed with 1.11.53 with a 31.91 split so I really really slowed down.  I was tired and my legs were dead and I missed some of the flips, so I had little momentum off the wall.

Overall though I was satisfied with the meet.

Now I have to refocus on the coming year.

all told for this past yards seasons, I saw best times in all events except to 100 free and the 100 IM.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Harvard NESCY 3-18-2016

Swam the Friday session of the New England Championships.

50 Free was a bit of a disaster.  They use the track wedges on the blocks.  I pulled mine back, but evidently it didn't set.  They really rush the races, so the horn went off before I was truly settled, then when I went forward, my back foot slid back as it kicked the wedge loose, so I had a weak dive without power and was a bit discombobulated.  Yet despite a weak turn as well, I still managed a 29.00.  Glad I went 28.68 in Florida so it wasn't such a big deal to not go under 29 again. Scored (2) points.

I swam the 100 back as an easy recreational swim just to add it to my checkoff challenge.  1:46:23.  Scored (2) points despite coming in last.

I swam the 200 Breast, swimming the first 50 all out to get the split time.  I had my best yard time with the spilt at 38.82, and ended up with a 3:35.09, swimming easy the rest of the way, except for the last 25.  I had thought about going all out for 100, but was too tired. Scored (3) Points.

I swam the 50 butterfly in 38.46, another PR.  Last year I went 40.68.  I felt my stroke starting to come together. just missed a point.

Finally I swam the 2nd leg of the 4X100 Men's relay.  My time was something like a 1:09.9, which with the relay dive meant a true time in the 1:10:00s.  I was tired so I will take it.  Would have love to go under 1:09.  But considering my last hundred was 1:12:46, I will take it..  Team scored (26) points.

All told, I accounted for 12.5 points.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Snag Holmes Jupiter Meet 3-12-2016

Swam in a meet in Jupiter, Florida and did great.

I swam the 200 Free to start in a scortching 2.39.89, beating my previous best by almost 5 seconds.

I swam the 50 Breast in 39.03, which was my best yards time, despite the fact that I felt i made a couple mistakes that slowed me.

The triumph was the 50 Free, which went perfectly and I finished in 28.68, ending an almost year long quest to better my 28.99 from Harvard.

Then without much rest, I swam a 400 IM, in 7:36:54, which was just a recreational swim.  I cam ein last, but I am now in the 400 IM club.

Beautiful pool.

I hope to do this meet against next year.  It was actually a three day meet.  i just swam ion Saturday.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Groundhog Meet 2-7-2016

Had a terrible meet.

I swam only the 50 free and the 100 Free, hoping to have energy and get personal bests.

The 50 I made a calculated mistake, swimming the whole way without a breath.  I slowed at the end and ended up with a 29.62.  This was also the first time I have ever raced against Galen.  We were each on far ends of the lane.  She torched me with a 28.45.

The 100 was my worst ever time of 1;12.46.  I just slowed.

I need to swim at least one event that I have never swum before ot that I can have fun with.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

100 X 100

Swam 10,000 yards today.  We got to the pool when it opened and swam till nearly 11:30 with some breaks, doing a total of 100 100's.  My arms were fine, but my calves cramped around 4000, so i had to do a lot of pulling after that.

It was a great time.  Seven of us did it.

Here's a post performance photo:

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Holyoke Meet 1-3-2016

Swam in the Holyoke Meet and it didn't go to well.  It is a small pool with warmish water, six lanes.  I disqualified in the 100 free for a false start, which I only found out about later.  I guess I moved before the time hit the button.  I felt like I had a bad start as my feet slipped.  It didn't matter, my race plan feel apart. I was trying to breath every four and then found myself slowing so I could maintain it. I ended up with my worst 100 time ever.  1:11:99.  My 50 split was 32:08.

In the 50, I had a late start and ended up with a 29.69, again my worst time in a year.  Both times were a half second slower than a year ago.

Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 Goals

1. PR in every event at some point in year

Most importantly the 50 and 100 Free.

2nd tier (50 Breast, 200 Free, 100 Breast)

2. Swim lots of open water events, including new events.

3. Swim new events (Checkoff Challenge).

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Highlights

These were my high points.

1. 50 Free  1). Swimming a 32.59 in LCM in the 50 Free, which converted to be a 28.35.
                    2) Swimming a 28.99 in SCY at Harvard, breaking 29, although I haven't been able to duplicate or best it.

2. Lake Quassy Swim Fest --  Swam all 5 Miles and bested my total time by 9.24.

3. New England Short Course Meters Championships - I went for two of the three days and had a great time with all my teammates,

Recap of 2015 Goals

Here were my goals

1. Qualify for US nationals in at least one event.

This may be a long shot, but my best hope is the 50 Free and then the 50 breast. Did not come close.

2. Swim Multiple Events at the New England Championships and score many points for Connecticut.

Last year I swan 2 events and 1 relay and only earned points in the relay.  Didn't do it for the New England, but swam multiple events in NE Short Course Meters

3. Qualify in More Event for the Worlds.  Best chances are in the 100 Breast and 200 Free.

I qualified in 3 events last year, 2 before the games and one after.  Did but only because they lowered standards.

4. Swim Several Open Water Events.

Last year I swam Lake T, Greenwich, and Lake Quassy Festival.  Yes, accomplished, and swam substantially faster.

5. Swim more pool meet events this year. 

Last year I swam 8 (25 Free, 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free) (50 breast, 100 Breast, (50 Back), (100 IM)  events and was in 3 relays (200 Free, 400 Free, 200 IM) for a total of 11 events.

Added the 400 Free, the 200 IM, 50 Fly

Sunday, December 13, 2015

New England Short Course Meters-12-12/13-2015

This year they held the New England Short Course Meters Championships in Worcester instead of Boston, which made it much more convenient.  I went up for day 2 and day 3 with my friend Paul.  We had 21 members of our CONN club, many of them from Cornerstone.

I swam the 400 Free for the first time and had a great battle with Paul.  We both put in the same estimated time, but while we were in the same heat, we were many lanes apart.  I tried to just swim easy.  I didn't do any flip turns until the last 25.  I glanced across the pool and thought i saw Paul a little ahead of me so I put the burners on.  I came in at 6:37:18, a few seconds ahead of him.

Later I swam the 50 Breast in 45.03, which was two hundredths of a second faster than I swam it there in June.  I saw the 50 fly in 46.75, which is the only time I have done in shorts cource meters, but converted wasn't as fast as my yards time.

I was a little disappointed with my 100 time.  But it was one of the later events I swam so my legs were a bit tired, and I need them in the 100 if I am going to have a good time.

The last event of the day, I swam the 50 free at the end of the 200 medley relay.  My split was 32.29, and we won our relay.

Sunday Paul and I had another titan battle in the 200 Free.  This time we swam side by side, and matched each other stroke for stroke till I pulled away at the end winning by a second.

I scratched from the 100 IM and the 50 Back so i could have strength for my 50 free, and then again in the 50 relay.

I did the individual event in 32.03, which was faster than the 32.06 I swam in June, but slower than my 31.91 SCM record.  In the relay I did 32.24, which was upsetting because I thought I had absolutely killed it.  I had even bought a compresion suit and my coach Galen had suggested I take a breath on the first lap, which I did, which I felt made my finish much stronger than normal, but maybe I was just tired from the two days.

Anyway, it was a great time.

 Here is a team photos of some of us still left around on the last day.

Full results

In the end I scored 38 individual points and the relays I was on scored 64.  Next year, I will try to score more!

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Rock and Roll

Monday, November 09, 2015


Played around with the Go Pro tonight, working on dives.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hartford Meet Nov -8-2015

Swam 3-50s in the meet at Trinity. I was still recovering from being sick so I was tired and didn't swim much.

The first 50 was the anchor in a 200 medley relay. I swam in 28.90.  I admit to easing off a little at the end to save my strength.  Because I was the anchor, my time was not an official time given the advance anticipation you get coming off the blocks.

In my official 50, I went 29.17, which was disappointing as I want to get under 29, but can't seem to.

I swam the first leg of a 200 relay in 29.4, which was also disappointing as I thought I swam faster than before, but I guess not.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Galen filmed us at practice tonight.  This is me finishing a 150.  I was tired.  Weended practice having to do 4 as fast as possible, although she did give us a fair amount of rest in between each one.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Long arm sprint

Go Pro

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Lake Quassy Swimfest 9-5-2015

Beautiful day for a swim.  I did all five miles again (3 mile, 1.5, 0.5).

I felt much better on the three mile than last year, although it was still painful and I had a bit of headache, but never felt like I was going to throw up or quit.  I would like to get more comfortable t this distance.

the 1.5 went well.  I swam harder, felt fine.

The 0.5 also went well, other than some dude came up from behind me side me after the turn, and kept ramming me.  there was lots of open space around us, but he persisted so I gave it back, he ended up swimming across my legs, and then faded back.

I ended up with a third place in the wet suit division again for men over 35.

Here are my times:

3 Mile - 1:37:58
1.5 Mile - 46.47
0.5 Mile - 15:02
Combined - 2:39:46

Here's how it compares to last year

3 Mile - 7 minutes 41 seconds faster
1.5 Mile - 1 Minute, 59 seconds faster
0.5 Mile - 18 seconds slower
Combined - 9 minutes, 24 seconds faster

Judging from other times, there is no major discrepancy to show a shorter course, so this is legitimate improvement.  If anything, the 0.5 mile course was longer.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

25 Minute Run

Ran 25 minutes using a 2-1 run walk ratio.  Good to be back on the road.  I will increase this steadily.

In the meantime I am still doing lots of swimming.  Did a 3 mile and a 2 mile lake swim last week and a masters at Wesleyan.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Here are the paces I need to set my time goals

50 Free - 
Goal - 28.0

100 Free
Goal - 1.06
50 - 33
25 - 17.5

200 Free

500 Free
Goal- 7.13
100 - 1.26.6

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Nutmeg Meet 8-1-2015

Swam in the Nutmeg meet which was the same venue as the Connecticut Senior games.

First event- 50 back.  I swam in 40.85.  Initially my time was 47 something because I did not hit the electronic pad right.  They reviewed it and changed it.  I was hoping to go under 40.  Once the race starts it it hard to remember everything you are supposed to do.  I went to deep on my turn,which I think I can improve on.

50 Breast.  I did in 39.83.  This was a 50 yard record for me, but not as fast as a 50 scm converted time.  I still forgot to do my breakouts properly.

50 Free.  29.23.  I slipped on the dive and did a poor turn without much push-off.  Other than that  I think I swam okay, all the way without a breath.  The hand timer again had me under 29.

Last event was 100 IM.  1.26.61.  Worst time ever.  Not really sure why.  I think I am breathing to much on butterfly which slows me down.  Worst part was at the end, I slammed my finger into the pad and ruptured a tendon in my middle finger so my finger is now in a splint.  I see the hand doctor tomorrow hopefully to get a split that will allow me to continue to swim and work.

Here's the 100 IM Breakdown versus previous

42.34    44.27   1.26.61

100 IM  Yards
41.23     42.72    1.23.95
42.41    43.45      1.25.86
39.78     43.71.    1.23.49
40.38     44.85    1.25.23

Lessons for next time, come out of dive sooner, don't breath, kick harder in back, and breath less in free.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Westport Compo Beach Point to Point One Mile Swim 7-12-2015

Swam the course in 21.37.  water was great.  I went out in the intermediate wave.  When we rounded the first buoy, I thought for a minute that i was in the lead, then I realized I swimming toward the wrong Buoy.  I wore a wetsuit, but the water was so salty, I probably didn't need it.

Afterwards, a group of us went back in the water and swam another mile.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Goals for next Six Months

While still trying to attain what I can of the 2015 full year goals, here are some for the new six months

1. Swim 50 yards under 28.8 at minimum.  Continue to try to get faster.
2. Get a new PR in 100 Free, 200 free, 50 breast. 100 breast, 50 back, and 100 IM
3. Do Pig iron Open Water and Lake Quassy Fest
4. Do 400 IM
5. Embark on weight training Dry Land Program
6. Qualify for Russia in 50 Free, 100 free, 200 free, 50 Breast, 100 Breast, maybe 50 Back
7. Complete Checkoff Challenge (can use practice swims)
8. Finish with more yards than 2014

Kazan Times (Converted)
50 Free =31.58
100 free = 1.22.5
200 Free=2.42.69
50 Breast=41.15
100 Breast=1.33.09
50 back-37,91

Halfway Goals Progress Report

Here were my goals for the year:


1.       50 Free – 27.33(National SCY Qualifier Time) (Current Converted Time is 28.52)

(Have gotten faster, but not this fast

2.       100 Free – 106(Senior Masters Qualified Time (current Converted Time is 106.88) Long Term Goal is 1:00.00

Have gotten slower.

3.       Qualify for Worlds in one of these races
100 Breast – 1.30.06 (have not swum 100 but did 50 in converted 38.59)
200 Free – 2.39.03 (only converted time is 2.52.05)

tried but failed so far.  I am 3 seconds plus off the breast stroke and 5 seconds off the 200 free.

4.       Improve 100 IM, Swim in a 200 IM

haven't improved in 100 IM, did swim the 200 IM

5.       Go to New England’s SCY at Harvard and score as many points as possible for CONN by swimming in as many events/relays as possible.

Went only for a day, but did score some points.

6.       Try to Get a Time in Every Event

have done some new events, mainly 200 IM and 50 Fly, but not much.